How to | Brass Hair Fork

I have finally grown my hair long enough to twirl it into a bun. It doesn’t always like to stay put but this hair fork helps.

Bead It and Weep How To Brass Hair Fork2

This looks very simple but can take a bit of time to work the metal into the shape but it is worth it. You can make you life easier by buying wire that is described as “soft”. Metal wire is sold as either hard or soft. This property refers to how easily the metal can be bent. You need to bend a complete loop at the top of the hair fork which is so much easier with pliable wire.

Bead It and Weep How To Brass Hair Fork

As you work your wire into the shape of the hair fork it will gradually become “harder” i.e. the more you bend and straighten the wire the tougher it will become. This is great because when you have finished the fork will be strong and will hold its shape.

Other way you can make this DIY a bit easier is to use thinner wire. The wire I used is 3mm in diameter but you could use 2mm or 2.5mm and it will hold its shape when you have finished.

You will need:

Brass wire in either 2mm, 2.5mm or 3mm

Heavy duty wire cutters

Something study to wrap the wire around e.g. ring mandrel or similar

Workbench with clamp

Needle files

x2 pairs chain nose pliers


Ruler or tape measure

Rubber or leather mallet might be useful.

1. Measure about 6 inches from one end of the wire. You don’t need to be accurate. Hold the wire at this point or mark it with a pen or a small light scratch into the surface of the metal.

2. Take your mandrel (or whatever you are using) and clamp this down. Trap the wire at the point you marked between the side of the mandrel and the clamp. Pull the longer free end of the wire around the mandrel about 1 and half times so this end is on the other side of the mandrel to the “trapped” end and running parallel(ish) to it. Keep the wraps close together. If your loop is not sitting tight to the mandrel you can use a leather mallet to tap it into shape.

3. Slide the piece off the mandrel and you’ll have a shape a bit like this.

4. Use your pliers to straighten out the prongs of your hair fork.

5. Cut the ends of the prongs off with a pair of heavy-duty metal cutters (or saw them off).

6. Use a small file followed by a rub with some fine sandpaper to smooth the cut ends so it doesn’t tear your hair or dig into  your scalp.

Give it a little polish and you have a shiny new hair accessory.

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