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New blog!!!


Ok I haven’t updated this site for a while but I have been working on some new projects. One of those new projects is a shiny new blog called Hello and Create. The blog will still feature DIY’s, jewellery making and crafts but other posts too!

As much as I love Bead It and Weep I just wanted to have a site where I could write about a wider range of subjects. 2015 and the beginning of 2016 was a time of a massive change in my career and I needed a new blog to keep up with the shift in my interests and ideas.

Thank you to everyone who has read and/or followed this blog and I really hope you come over and to my new blog.

Nikki x


Free Printable Botanical Stickers

Bead It and Weep Jewellery Making blogI know this is supposed to be a jewellery making blog but I do like to dabble in other crafts. I promise that there will be more jewellery tutorials coming next but this has been on my list to post for a few weeks. I felt it was a shame not share these.

I still love the trend for botanical drawings. I was hunting around on the internet and came across lots of public domain images from botanical books that are so pretty. I am trying to expand my stationery stash for my #postcircle buddies and I thought I would make some stickers to decorate my envelopes for them.

Bead It and Weep Jewellery Making blog

I made the free download a single page of round stickers that can be printed on to printable sticker paper. They just need cutting out and you can go sticker crazy. I have also been using them in my sketchbook to stick things down instead of tape for a change.

Bead It and Weep Jewellery Making blog

My printer is playing up so I uploaded individual files to Moo Cards and used their service to print out my stickers. If anyone wants the individual files I will work out to make a downloadable zip file and I will make it available. Just leave me a note in the comments section.

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Free printable mini invitations

I am a hardened tea drinker. I started young and drink about 8 mugs a day. My brain doesn’t seem to be able to function with tea. I am the person that despite all the options in Starbucks will order tea. However if I invited some to catch up I will usually use the phrase “Let’s do coffee” even though I have no intention of having a coffee.

Let's do coffee invitations 2I am getting into making printables and I made these mini “Let’s do coffee” invitations. I thought they would be nice to give out when you want to make a coffee (or tea) date with a friend. They are small so easy to carry around and to have on hand to give out. If you like them they are free to download and print out.

Let's do coffee invitations 3

Let's do coffee invitations 1

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