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New blog!!!


Ok I haven’t updated this site for a while but I have been working on some new projects. One of those new projects is a shiny new blog called Hello and Create. The blog will still feature DIY’s, jewellery making and crafts but other posts too!

As much as I love Bead It and Weep I just wanted to have a site where I could write about a wider range of subjects. 2015 and the beginning of 2016 was a time of a massive change in my career and I needed a new blog to keep up with the shift in my interests and ideas.

Thank you to everyone who has read and/or followed this blog and I really hope you come over and to my new blog.

Nikki x


7 things to love about September


Bead It and Weep Things to love about September

Summer might be over but I like September and the approach of Autumn. Here are 7 reasons why I like September.

1. Cosy knitwear – I love my knitwear and now the weather is getting a bit cooler I can wear my chunky cardigans. I have quite a collection of new and vintage knits which I am looking forward to wearing.

2. Leather boots – Cosy cardies go well with leather boots. Ankle or knee high it’s time to get them out from the back of the wardrobe.

3. Favourite TV shows restarting – September is the time when all the good TV programmes start. I have to admit my geeky side is super excited for the new series Doctor Who.

4. Baking – I don’t really feel like standing over a hot stove in the summer so now is the time I bake more. Plus the colder weather makes that comfort food more appealing.

5. Back to school stationery – It has been a little while since I went to school but the urge to go out and buy some new stationery every September remains. Since my son has started has school I can now relive this…except his stationery has more Minions on than I would have chosen.

6. Autumn walks – Nature seems to change rapidly in Autumn. The leaves change colour and fall, berries appear and it is still warm enough to keep your toes while you’re out.

7. Stargazing – Make the most of the darker evenings and to go outside and look at the stars. I like to look for the Milky Way and passing satellites.

What do you like about Autumn?
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5 tips to get you started in night photography

France holiday 3

France holiday 1

France holiday 2


I have just got back from my holiday. I am struggling to adjust to the colder UK weather after 35°C heat we had in France. Where is stay is in the middle of the countryside and, apart from being very sunny in the day, has little light pollution at night. This makes for some stunning stargazingOn clear nights you can see the Milky Way and look all the way into the centre of our galaxy. It is really breathtaking.

On the second photo I managed to capture the big dipper that was nice and clear that night. It does seem to stand out against the background of other stars. You also get a sense of how fast our planet moves. My shutter speeds were only 10 to 30 seconds long but the stars are already starting to streak across the photo as the Earth spins around.

Next time I go back I will make an effort to stay up later to take photos of the Milky Way and not be a lightweight going to bed early.

If you want to give night-time photography ago I have some tips that will help you get started. With winter coming in the UK the nights are drawing in and can be clear (and cold, bbbbrrrr) so there should be some stunning photos to be captured.

Night time photography tips

01. Plan your composition before it gets dark – It becomes surprisingly difficult to compose an image and even to get the horizon straight, especially if you are on uneven ground like I was. Before it gets dark look to see what you want in your image and even set up your camera before it gets dark so you can see what you are doing.

02. Use a tripod – To be able to record any kind of image you need to use shutter speeds from 1 second up to 30 seconds. This is too long to hand hold so you will need a rock solid tripod. Make sure it is set up securely the slightest movement will result in blurry images.

03. Remote shutter release – Again you want to reduce the chances that you camera might move when the shutter is open and even pressing the shutter release button can cause camera shake. Use a remote shutter or the camera’s in-built timer to release the shutter. Oh and don’t touch the camera again until the shutter is closed.

04. Use mirror lock  – Check you camera settings and use the mirror lock to keep the mirror from moving. The mirror moving out the way of the shutter can cause camera shake and as you spent all that time setting up your tripod and shutter release you don’t want the mirror causing blur. If you use a micro 4/3rds camera (which I did for these photos) turn off the screen. The light from it will ruin your night vision. With shutter speeds of up to 30 seconds you might as well enjoy the sky while you wait.

05. Use mid range aperture settings – Use mid range aperture settings between f8 and f16. No camera lens will provide the sharpest image at the minimum or maximum aperture so increase your chances of getting a good image by using a mid range aperture.

Are you planning some starry photographs?

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Oh Comely Subscription | Cartwheels in a box

Oh Comely Subscription Box - Cartwheels in a box 2

The second edition of the lovely Oh Comely subscription arrived through my letterbox several days ago. After the wonderful first “storm in a box” I received 2 months ago I was super excited to find out what was inside this one and it did not disappoint.

Oh Comely Subscription Box - Cartwheels in a box 6

The contents were designed by one of my favourite artists, Kaye Blegvad so the whole thing was already off to a good start. I have been a fan after finding her wonderful jewellery on Etsy. I bought one of her beautiful hand necklaces a few years ago which is one of my favourites.

Oh Comely Subscription Box - Cartwheels in a box 3

The theme for this month was wheels and the contents were designed to be playful. I decided to wait until the kiddos were in bed so I could enjoy opening my parcel in peace.

Inside was;

  • playful playing cards;
  • a set of enamel pins;
  • face changer;
  • illustrated notebook
  • current issue of Oh Comely magazine.

Oh Comely Subscription Box - Cartwheels in a box 9Oh Comely Subscription Box - Cartwheels in a box 10

The box feels like a lot of thought and care has been put into it. The face changer can be definitely described as playful. I have it on my desk while I am working and turn it around to how I am feeling. The playing cards will come in handy to take on holidays and make a nice addition to the box. The back of the cards features an illustration by Kaye. I love the brooches. Again you can wear the face that suits how you are feeling if you like but I do like the lizard woman (even if I am not feeling scaly.)

I totally recommend Oh Comely subscription box. It is like Christmas and your birthday arriving every 2 months and who wouldn’t want that?

(This is not a sponsored post by the way. I just love my subscription box! If you want to know more you can find it here.)
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Goings On | New silver smithing course

I have been a little distracted from blogging a little recently due to the excitement of starting a new silver smithing course. These are a few of the things I have made recently.

leaf spinner bangleLeaf pattern spinner bangle.

antique bead banglesAntique bead bangles.

Moonstone ringReticulated moonstone ring.

concrete texture bangleConcrete texture bangle.

turquoise necklaceTurquoise necklace.

teardrop banglesTeardrop shaped bangles.

organic banglesOrganic bangles with raw tourmaline charm.

As you can probably see I do like bangles. The antique sterling silver beads were a real find and I think make great charm bangles.

I am planning a bit more blogging in the future so Bead It and Weep will be being updated a bit more regularly now!
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New found gem | Ickworth House

Ickworth House 1 Ickworth House 2 Ickworth House 3 Ickworth House 4 Ickworth House 3 Bead It and Weep Ickworth House 2 Bead It and Weep Ickworth House 1 Bead It and WeepIckworth House 4 Bead It and WeepSummer is here which means we start making the most of our National Trust membership. Last weekend we decided to branch out from our usual weekend activities and headed to Ickworth House in Suffolk. The house is an impressive Italian style mansion built between 1795 and 1829. I can’t really tell you much more about the house as the weather was so nice and the kids so lively that we stayed outdoors.

Even though we went on a Saturday the place was really quiet which seemed crazy because the gardens are so beautiful and perfect for picnics (though due to poor planning I didn’t make one.). We had a huge lawn to ourselves which allowed Izzy and Joe to do some noisy running around without disturbing anyone. I did manage to get them to sit still for 2 seconds to get Ed to take a photo for me with them both, at the same time which is a miracle.

The estate is huge so we are planning to go back and do some more exploring and this time take a picnic.
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