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New blog!!!


Ok I haven’t updated this site for a while but I have been working on some new projects. One of those new projects is a shiny new blog called Hello and Create. The blog will still feature DIY’s, jewellery making and crafts but other posts too!

As much as I love Bead It and Weep I just wanted to have a site where I could write about a wider range of subjects. 2015 and the beginning of 2016 was a time of a massive change in my career and I needed a new blog to keep up with the shift in my interests and ideas.

Thank you to everyone who has read and/or followed this blog and I really hope you come over and to my new blog.

Nikki x


Made | Mixed paper sketchbook

Bead It and Weep Mixed paper sketchbook

Bead It and Weep Mixed paper sketchbook 5Bead It and Weep Mixed paper sketchbook 6Bead It and Weep Mixed paper sketchbook 2Bead It and Weep Mixed paper sketchbook 3Bead It and Weep Mixed paper sketchbook 4

I have been practicing some bookbinding recently. Specifically Coptic stitch binding to make hardback journals. Unlike soft back books the stitching allows the book to lie flat and open. So ideal for drawing and painting in as it doesn’t fall shut and smudge your work.

This book I made as a birthday present for my Sister-in-Law. She has already  opened it so I am not ruining the surprise by posting it here. I decided to “upcycle” an old falling apart book on shrubs I had found in a second-hand book shop. I liked the bright yellow cover with the gold embossed flower plus as the spine was loose I didn’t feel too bad cutting it up. I mixed in some of the pages from the book with a mixture of new paper including graph, lined, plain, Kraft, music and coloured paper along with a few envelopes as pockets.

I bound it with Baker’s twine because any excuse to use Baker’s twine right? It is a little chunkier than linen thread but I think it looks nice and the book still lays flat.

I have made a few more since this one but I think there are only so many photos of blank notebooks you can look at really.
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Made | Stacking rings

I have been embracing the trend for stacking rings later and ditching the huge turquoise ring I normally wear. I made all these tiny rings from odd bits of left over sterling wire from previous projects.

Handmade stacking rings Bead It and Weep

There a few with tiny stones and one I made with a small piece of chain from a broken bracelet. My favourite one, though, is the little cat ear ring (to go with the cat ear hat I made).

Are you into stacking up your jewellery?
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Made | Handmade Silver Brooches

Recently made these 2 brooches. I quite like brooches especially during autumn when I get out all my knitwear.

2 broochesThe first one is made from a piece of antique sea pottery. It is the first time I have set something so irregular and it took me a couple of attempts to get something I was happy with.
Bead It and Weep Handmade Brooch3I made the back open because I quite liked the leaf pattern on the reverse side of the pottery shard and I didn’t want to hide it.
The other brooch I have spent quite a long time getting right. I wanted it to look like an old map. I started with a neat rectangle of sterling silver and cut it into stripes. Unfortunately I could help myself cutting it straight and it took a bit of time to rough up the edges. I added texture to the surface using various hammers and engraving tools. I have to say there is something very satisfying about using some serious hammers, gets rid of a lot of stress.
Bead It and Weep Handmade Brooch2I polished it to high shine which made it difficult to photograph. I did to look for some tips about that!

Did you make anything over the weekend? Did it turn out as planned?
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DIY mixed metal and spike necklace

A quick post on a little mixed metal necklace I put together over the weekend. It is super simple to make necklaces like this. It is just a case of using some crimp beads to attach some beading wire to a jump ring, thread on the beads and using another crimp bead to attach the end to another jump ring. Add a clasp with some smaller jump rings and voila! Necklace.

Mixed metal necklace  Bead It and Weep9

The beads I used are tiny, 3mm faceted smoky quartz at the top, 3mm african clay beads, some little silver beads, 4mm pyrite beads and some cute little brass spikes. The african clay beads are matt and irregular so contrast nicely with the more sparkly gemstone beads. I went with some neutral autumn colours browns and creams so I can wear it with pretty much anything in my wardrobe.

Mixed metal necklace  Bead It and Weep8

Did you manage to make anything over the weekend? Got any photos to share?

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