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New blog!!!


Ok I haven’t updated this site for a while but I have been working on some new projects. One of those new projects is a shiny new blog called Hello and Create. The blog will still feature DIY’s, jewellery making and crafts but other posts too!

As much as I love Bead It and Weep I just wanted to have a site where I could write about a wider range of subjects. 2015 and the beginning of 2016 was a time of a massive change in my career and I needed a new blog to keep up with the shift in my interests and ideas.

Thank you to everyone who has read and/or followed this blog and I really hope you come over and to my new blog.

Nikki x


Midweek Mixtape | Melting

A few tunes for a Wednesday.

Mixtape 3 Melting

Spotify Playlist – Melting

01 Jane Weaver – Mission Desire

02 Beirut – No No No

03 FFS – Johnny Delusional

04 Nadine Shah – Fast Food

05 Matthew E. White – Rock and Roll Is Cold

06 Django Django – Shake and Tremble

07 Bernard + Edith – Jem

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Mixtape – Sign here.

Mixtape Sign Here 02

I work from home which has a lot of advantages, cups of tea when I want, unrestricted biscuit access, being available to take parcels and playing my music while I work.

This is a playlist of songs I have been filing invoices and designing a website to. I am particularly in love with the Jamie XX song, Loud Places.

Spotify playlist – Sign Here.

01 Jamie XX – Loud Places

02 Rozi Plain – Friend City

03 Sylvan Esso – H.S.K.T.

04 Young Fathers- Rain or Shine

05 Unknown Mortal Orchestra – Can’t Keep Checking My Phone

06 Tunng – The Village

07 Zaz – Paris Sera Tourjours Paris

08 Laura Marling – Gurdjieff’s Daughter

09 Frog – Judy Garland

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Mixtape – Cover All

Mixtape Cover All 01

It has been a little while since I posted up a playlist so I thought I would revive my mixtape posts. This playlist includes some of my favourite covers. I got the idea for this after I was listening to the Bob Dylan appreciation show on BBC 6Music on Sunday night. (I don’t think it was called the Bob Dylan appreciation show but that’s what I am calling) They played a lot of songs written by him that were covered by other artists and I started to think about what were my favourite cover songs.

This is my list and I am sure I missed off some great tracks. If you had written this what songs would you have included?


Midweek Mixtape | Christmas playlist

Christmas is comingoh yes it is…

I love christmas and I love dusting off the old christmas playlist. I like all the christmas tunes but the same ones seem to get played all the time. To change it up a bit I have my alternative christmas playlist. It includes a song about accidentally setting fire to the tree, Bob Dylan singing about Santa and a punk version of Silent Night. Hope you like it.

Christmas is coming playlist

01 Low – Just Like Christmas

02 Summer Camp – Christmas Wrapping

03 Holly Golighlty – Christmas Tree On Fire

04 Idiot Glee – Baby, It’s Cold Outside

05 Bob Dylan – It Must Be Santa

06 Sufjan Stevens – Come on! Let’s Boogey To The Elf Dance!

07 Julian Casablancas –  I Wish It Was Christmas Today

08 The Dickies – Silent Night

Are you feeling Christmassy yet?
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