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Do you have some foreign coins lurking at the bottom of drawers or kept in a jar? I found a handful the other day and though it was a shame they are hidden away.  So I turned them into a cute DIY coin charm bracelet so I could carry my holiday memories around with me. You can add to it every trip and keep a record of all your travels.

How to make a coin charm bracelet Bead It and Weep 1How to make a coin charm bracelet Bead It and Weep 4How to make a coin charm bracelet Bead It and Weep 2It is very easy to do. You need a low-speed drill and some metal drill bits. A little cutting oil can also help to make the drilling easier if the metal is very hard. I use a simple hand drill and it only takes about a minute (if that) to drill through the coins.

You can make your own bracelet using some loose chain or you can buy ready-made charm bracelets from eBay very cheaply from the crafts section.

I plan to look out more closely for interesting coins to add to my bracelet every time I go somewhere now.

You will need;


metal drill bits;

jump rings;



x2 pairs of chain nose pliers;

centre punch;

cutting oil.

1.  Use a centre punch to make a mark about 1-2mm from the edge of the coin. This will stop the drill “skipping” around when you start drilling and scratching the surface of the coin.

2. Using a 1mm drill bit make a hole in the coin.

3. Like this!!!

4. And obviously do all your coins.

5. Cut a length of chain for your bracelet. (You could use a ready-made bracelet as well.)

6. Using 2 jump rings attach a clasp at one end and add another jump ring to the other using your chain nose pliers. (See here for opening and closing a jump ring tips.)

7. Thread a jump ring through each hole of your coins…

8. …and attach them to your bracelet.

9. And you are all done!!!

I am sure I have more coins hidden around the house. I’m going to have a hunt around and dig them out!

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2 Comments on How to | DIY coin charm bracelet

  1. wovenflame
    21 September, 2015 at 5:38 pm

    I’ve always saved “lucky pennies” that I found lying in the street. Now that Canada has phased out pennies they might be fun to make into a Good Luck bracelet that will eventually have a “back in the day” historical appeal to my grandchildren.

    • Nikki
      25 September, 2015 at 10:15 pm

      I have lots of coins from around Europe that have been phased out because of the introduction of the Euro. I didn’t want to throw them away but I think the bracelet is a nice way to keep them. I like the idea of a Good Luck penny bracelet. I bet your grandchildren will love it!

      Nikki x