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How to make a Cat ring 2

I’m still wearing the little cat ring I made a few months ago but since most people don’t have a soldering torch, flux and a pickle bath at home I came up with a super simple cat ring anyone can make.

How to make a Cat ring 1How to make a Cat ring 3All you need is a plain ring, some 1mm wire in matching metal and some pliers. I used a copper ring and some copper wire but obviously use any metal you like. Oh and make sure the ring is at least a size too big. The wire wrapping will make the ring a bit smaller.

Let’s make a DIY cat ring.


Plain ring;

1mm wire;

side cutters;

2 pairs of chain nose pliers.


1. Wrap the middle of the wire around the ring. To get this first wrap tight use you pliers on each end of the wire to pull it tight.

2. Add 2 or 3 wraps of wire on each side of the first loop. Make them nice and tight to the ring and close together. You can use a pair of chain nose to slide the loops along the ring.

3. Finish with both ends of the wire pointing up.

4. On one side bend a V shape in the wire to make a cat ear.

5. Wrap the end of the wire 2 or 3 times around the ring. Finish with the wire pointing away from the ring.

6. Now the tricky bit. You have to make a matching ear on the other side.

7. Cut the end of the wire close to the ring on both sides. As you finished with the wire pointing outwards the cut end is less likely to dig into your finger.

8. Use you chain nose pliers to flatten the end of the wire against the outside of the ring. This should stop it catching the fingers next to where you wear the ring.

9. One super cute ring. East peasy!!
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