Jewellery Making Techniques

These are some of the basic techniques for making jewellery. There are all very simple and once you have got the hang of them there will be no stopping you.

WARNING – Making jewellery is very addictive!

On this page there are instructions for,

  • opening and closing jump rings
  • making wire wrapped loops


Basic Jewellery Making Tools

This is a basic set of tools you will need. They really aren’t that expensive and you can get a decent set of eBay very cheaply. They are well worth the investment.

Bead it and weep Pliers


Opening and Closing a jump ring


Bead It and Weep - Opening and Closing a jump ring


1. Hold the jump ring either side of the gap with 2 pairs of chain nose pliers. “Twist” the jump ring so one side moves forward and one side backwards to open it.

2. To close it “twist” the ends of the jump ring together using 2 pairs of chain nose pliers.


How to use a crimp bead


Bead It and Weep Using a crimp bead


1. Thread your crimping bead then your jump ring (or clasp, whatever you are attaching) on to your beading wire.

2. Loop the beading wire through the jump ring and back through the crimping bead.


Bead It and Weep Using a crimp bead


3. Push the crimp bead up to the jump ring as tight as possible.

4. Place the crimp bead into the “U” shaped groove of the crimping pliers (Usually the groove closest to you.) and squeeze the bead shut.


Bead It and Weep Using a crimp bead


5. Turn the crimp bead through 90 degrees (So the bead is looks like a “C” shape.) and squeeze it shut again.

6. Cut the tail end of beading wire off.


Bead It and Weep Using a crimp bead


7. Your beading wire is now secure.


How to make a wire wrapped loop.


Steps 1 and 2

1. Take a bead and a headpin.

2. Thread your bead on to a headpin.

Steps 3 and 4

3.  Hold the headpin just above the bead with a pair of round nose pliers. Make a 90° bend in the headpin just above the bead.

4. Grip the headpin at the bend with round nose pliers. Hold the pliers vertically so one barrel is below the pin and one is above. Using your fingers push the wire up and over the top barrel of the pliers until the wire is nearly pointing downwards.

Steps 5 and 6

5. Reposition your pliers so the bottom barrel of your pliers is in the loop and the other barrel is at the top. (You move the pliers upwards.)

6. Using your fingers pull the wire around the barrel to form a complete loop with the free end of the wire almost horizontal.

Steps 7 and 8

7. Take out the pliers and hold the loop with a pair of chain nose pliers.

8. Wrap the wire down the headpin towards the bead.

Steps 9 and 10

9. Wrap the wire down towards the bead.

10. Trim off any excess head pin using side cutters and push the cut end of the wire again the headpin.

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