Oh Comely Subscription | Cartwheels in a box

Oh Comely Subscription Box - Cartwheels in a box 2

The second edition of the lovely Oh Comely subscription arrived through my letterbox several days ago. After the wonderful first “storm in a box” I received 2 months ago I was super excited to find out what was inside this one and it did not disappoint.

Oh Comely Subscription Box - Cartwheels in a box 6

The contents were designed by one of my favourite artists, Kaye Blegvad so the whole thing was already off to a good start. I have been a fan after finding her wonderful jewellery on Etsy. I bought one of her beautiful hand necklaces a few years ago which is one of my favourites.

Oh Comely Subscription Box - Cartwheels in a box 3

The theme for this month was wheels and the contents were designed to be playful. I decided to wait until the kiddos were in bed so I could enjoy opening my parcel in peace.

Inside was;

  • playful playing cards;
  • a set of enamel pins;
  • face changer;
  • illustrated notebook
  • current issue of Oh Comely magazine.

Oh Comely Subscription Box - Cartwheels in a box 9Oh Comely Subscription Box - Cartwheels in a box 10

The box feels like a lot of thought and care has been put into it. The face changer can be definitely described as playful. I have it on my desk while I am working and turn it around to how I am feeling. The playing cards will come in handy to take on holidays and make a nice addition to the box. The back of the cards features an illustration by Kaye. I love the brooches. Again you can wear the face that suits how you are feeling if you like but I do like the lizard woman (even if I am not feeling scaly.)

I totally recommend Oh Comely subscription box. It is like Christmas and your birthday arriving every 2 months and who wouldn’t want that?

(This is not a sponsored post by the way. I just love my subscription box! If you want to know more you can find it here.)
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How To | DIY leather headband

How to make DIY leather headband 1Due to all this lovely hot weather I have been wearing my hair up all the time and this means an ideal opportunity for a DIY. I had lots of leather strap sitting in my jewellery making stash which I used to make some lovely double strand leather headbands.

How to make DIY leather headband 2I did find this lovely metallic leather strap with chain edging on eBay for a more glam version. I also made one out of distressed brown and some mock croc navy.

I used studs to fix the leather to the elastic. I don’t think a sewing machine would cope with such thick leather. I happen to have the little stud setting tool, it is only a few pounds but you probably could get anyway with a small hammer and a sturdy surface.

I think these look great for a casual boho look when added to a mess bun.


Midweek Mixtape | Melting

A few tunes for a Wednesday.

Mixtape 3 Melting

Spotify Playlist – Melting

01 Jane Weaver – Mission Desire

02 Beirut – No No No

03 FFS – Johnny Delusional

04 Nadine Shah – Fast Food

05 Matthew E. White – Rock and Roll Is Cold

06 Django Django – Shake and Tremble

07 Bernard + Edith – Jem

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Goings On | New silver smithing course

I have been a little distracted from blogging a little recently due to the excitement of starting a new silver smithing course. These are a few of the things I have made recently.

leaf spinner bangleLeaf pattern spinner bangle.

antique bead banglesAntique bead bangles.

Moonstone ringReticulated moonstone ring.

concrete texture bangleConcrete texture bangle.

turquoise necklaceTurquoise necklace.

teardrop banglesTeardrop shaped bangles.

organic banglesOrganic bangles with raw tourmaline charm.

As you can probably see I do like bangles. The antique sterling silver beads were a real find and I think make great charm bangles.

I am planning a bit more blogging in the future so Bead It and Weep will be being updated a bit more regularly now!
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Read | Caboodle magazine Review


Caboodle Magazine Review Bead It and Weep 7 Caboodle Magazine Review Bead It and Weep 9 Caboodle Magazine Review Bead It and Weep 10 Caboodle Magazine Review Bead It and Weep 11 Caboodle Magazine Review Bead It and Weep 13 Caboodle Magazine Review Bead It and Weep 12 Caboodle Magazine Review Bead It and Weep 8

One of my favourite things to do after the kids are in bed is to enjoy the quiet and flip through a beautiful magazine. When I saw Caboodle advertised as a mix of craft, fashion and vintage loveliness (all things I like) then I had to give it a go. I’m pleased to say that I wasn’t disappointed.

The magazine is bright and cheerful. A nice change from the minimalist approach that seems popular for print at the moment. Despite all the colour it does manage to remain uncluttered.

There are lots of features on independent makers and shops. I enjoyed reading the interviews especially the one Leona the founder of the wonderful lucky dip club (which is well worth the subscription fee I might add) and some rather talented snail mail artists. They make me realise I need to up my #postcircle game.

As you know I am a bit of a fan of some jewellery making so I liked the DIY tutorial for a fun flamingo brooch. I am pretty sure I have some pink leather off cuts that I can use to make this.

Even the adverts were interesting as I discovered some new independent shops that I had never heard of but will definitely be browsing for some purchases in the near future.

There is so much in this magazine that I haven’t mentioned so if you want to know more you can find the website here or if you have made up your mind to get a copy you can buy one here.

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