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The weekend is coming up. Here are some jewellery DIY ideas to help you get your craft on.

I like these rope bracelets by Made In A Day with a mix of metal beads, handmade cork beads and thread.

This pretty turquoise necklace by A Common Thread is made using vinyl record beads and looks like a great necklace for summer.

These earrings by Oh Everything handmade require some basic soldering skills if you want to make the teardrop connector from scratch.You can buy something similar from here and skip that stage.

I have been wanting to try making some shrinky dink jewellery for a while and I am tempted by this comic book style rings.

In other news

Next time you put on a piece of jewellery think about that a distant star going supernova made the gold or silver you are wearing.

I still haven’t worked out the answer to this puzzle. (It’s not 6)

I am currently obsessed with making rose milkshakes using my own homegrown rose petals.
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New found gem | Ickworth House

Ickworth House 1 Ickworth House 2 Ickworth House 3 Ickworth House 4 Ickworth House 3 Bead It and Weep Ickworth House 2 Bead It and Weep Ickworth House 1 Bead It and WeepIckworth House 4 Bead It and WeepSummer is here which means we start making the most of our National Trust membership. Last weekend we decided to branch out from our usual weekend activities and headed to Ickworth House in Suffolk. The house is an impressive Italian style mansion built between 1795 and 1829. I can’t really tell you much more about the house as the weather was so nice and the kids so lively that we stayed outdoors.

Even though we went on a Saturday the place was really quiet which seemed crazy because the gardens are so beautiful and perfect for picnics (though due to poor planning I didn’t make one.). We had a huge lawn to ourselves which allowed Izzy and Joe to do some noisy running around without disturbing anyone. I did manage to get them to sit still for 2 seconds to get Ed to take a photo for me with them both, at the same time which is a miracle.

The estate is huge so we are planning to go back and do some more exploring and this time take a picnic.
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National Beading Week coming up

Get your pliers ready for the first ever National Beading Week. A whole week dedicated to all things bead related?  Sounds good to me. It takes place from the 25th July until the 2nd August and is hosted by the Beadworkers Guild.

NBW Logo
The purpose of the week is to promote all things bead related, encourage people to try jewellery making and support local bead shops. The website has lots of resources including tutorials, events and a suggestion for trying some bead-bombing. They recommend some beaded bunting but I reckon there must be a statue around Cambridge that could do with a statement necklace? What do think?

Since this blog is called Bead It and Weep I feel like I should join in (any excuse for more jewellery making really). I’ll have a bead-tastic tutorial for that week and some other posts.

If you want to know more then head on over to the National Beading Week website here.
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How To | DIY Ginkgo Leaf Earrings

I’ve been playing around with making wire shapes and I came up with these DIY ginkgo leaf earrings.

How to make Ginkgo leaf earrings Bead It and Weep

Bending the wire to make the first leaf is fairly easy. I used an outline as a guide but it doesn’t really matter if it didn’t follow it exactly. The difficulty I found was making the second one match but I came up with a neat trick to get my earrings the same size and shape. By making the first shape and then using this as a guide for my pliers to grip on to made the whole thing easier.

How to make Ginkgo leaf earrings Bead It and Weep

These earrings are made using copper wire but you can use any kind of wire you like. If you want to use copper but are concerned about turning green then you can coat it in some clear nail varnish to keep the metal away from your skin.

How to make Ginkgo leaf earrings Bead It and Weep

Click read more for instructions ———->


Oh Comely Magazine Subscription Box

It seems that subscription boxes are popping up all over the place. I find it hard it resist the idea of a surprise package of goodies arriving through my letter box but it is hard to know whether it will be worth the money. When my favourite magazine announced that they were starting their own subscription box service I knew that it would be good.

Oh Comely Subscription Box Bead It and Weep 4I signed up back in March and I have to admit that I have been really impatient while waiting for my box to arrive.  Finally it dropped through my letterbox yesterday!

Oh Comely Subscription Box Bead It and Weep 1

The items in the box are linked to the theme of the current issue of the magazine (a copy of which you also get). This issue is all about the weather so the box is titled “Storm in a Box”.

Oh Comely Subscription Box Bead It and Weep 3

Inside were 4 wrapped packages and a copy of the magazine. I was so eager to see what was inside that I ended up ripping them all open like my son with his 5th birthday presents.

Inside was

  • an illustrated notebook
  • a handmade brass pendant
  • a hand painted silk scarf
  • a little lucky bottle of British drizzle
  • and, of course, the issue of the magazine.

Oh Comely Subscription Box Bead It and Weep 5

The notebook has a lovely little illustration on the cover and just the right size for doodles on the go.
Oh Comely Subscription Box Bead It and Weep 6Oh Comely Subscription Box Bead It and Weep 11

The brass necklace is beautiful. It is cut from very thick brass and has a deep dark patina all over apart from a brightly polished inside edge. I love that the design is so imaginative yet simple. Something that I hope to achieve in my own jewellery designs. I can see that I will be wearing this a lot.

Oh Comely Subscription Box Bead It and Weep 7

I have decided that my little bottle of drizzle is lucky and will keep it with me. I reckon that sometime in the future I might need a sprinkle of glitter!

Oh Comely Subscription Box Bead It and Weep 9Oh Comely Subscription Box Bead It and Weep 10The silk scarf is gorgeous. Lovely shades of indigo with a sprinkling of silver raindrops and as it is hand painted it is completely unique!

I always look forward to my copy of Oh Comely magazine dropping through my letter box but now the added box of goodies makes it even better! You can find there website here.

Can I just add that I am no way linked to Oh Comely and this post is not sponsored by them. I just love the magazine (and the subscription box) and have not received any incentives to write this post.

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Mixtape – Sign here.

Mixtape Sign Here 02

I work from home which has a lot of advantages, cups of tea when I want, unrestricted biscuit access, being available to take parcels and playing my music while I work.

This is a playlist of songs I have been filing invoices and designing a website to. I am particularly in love with the Jamie XX song, Loud Places.

Spotify playlist – Sign Here.

01 Jamie XX – Loud Places

02 Rozi Plain – Friend City

03 Sylvan Esso – H.S.K.T.

04 Young Fathers- Rain or Shine

05 Unknown Mortal Orchestra – Can’t Keep Checking My Phone

06 Tunng – The Village

07 Zaz – Paris Sera Tourjours Paris

08 Laura Marling – Gurdjieff’s Daughter

09 Frog – Judy Garland

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