Midweek Mixtape | Laura Welsh – Cold Front

This song is perfect for the hot weather. Mellow with a catchy chorus it definitely a favourite song of mine at the moment. The video makes for compelling viewing as well. There is some amazing choreography.

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How To | Guitar String Bangles

Glastonbury may have been and gone but there are still more festivals to come. My favourite festival, Latitude, is on this weekend and I’m not going. If I was going I would be wearing these. By the way is anyone going to Latitude this weekend?

Bead It and Weep Pile of guitar string bangles t


I made this bangles from guitar strings and seed beads. They can be old broken guitar strings (even better if you can get them from your favourite band!) or new ones. The new strings are “springer” and a little bit harder to work with. I occasionally end up firing beads off the end of the string across the room.

Bead It and Weep Guitar String Bracelets


I have two designs based on using the same technique. In the first one guitar string is hidden under beads and wire, this is good for plain steel or damaged strings. The second design shows off the guitar string which is nice to use with bronze wound strings. I also made a bangle with just a plain string.

I am a big fan of the stacking bracelet look so these look great piled up with friendship bracelets and chunky chain.

You will need:

Guitar strings

Small beads such as seed beads, 4mm crystals, small gemstone rondelles

0.4mm wire in gold or silver plate

crimp beads

strong glue

crimping pliers

chain nose pliers (if you have them)

Design Number 1

Bead It and Weep Guitar String Bangles
 Weep Guitar String Bangles
 Weep Guitar String Bangles


1. Cut a length of guitar string that is long enough to make you bangle. The easiest way to do this is make a loop the diameter of a bangle that already fits you. Add about another 10cm overlap to secure your bangle.

2. Thread on enough beads to almost fill the entire bangle. Leave about 2-3cm gap.

3. Thread on 2 crimp beads one on each end and feed the ends of the guitar string through both crimp beads (so they cross over each other).

4. Use crimping pliers to close the crimping beads. (Instructions on how to this here.) Add some strong glue and trim the ends of the guitar string to about 1-2cm or so you can tuck the ends into the beads if there is room.

5. Cut a piece of 0.4mm wire and wrap it around the guitar string and crimp beads covering the whole area. You can be neat or messy. Use chain nose pliers to push the end of the wire close to your wire wrapping.

6. All finished and ready to wear!

Design number 2

 Weep Guitar String Bangles
 Weep Guitar String Bangles

1. Cut some guitar string as before. Thread on a smaller number of beads and 2 crimp beads. I have 15 czech glass rondelle beads.

2. Close the bangle as before but try and keep the crimp beads a bit closer together. Add strong glue and trim the ends.

3. Cover the crimp beads and a bit of the guitar with some wire wrapping using the 0.4mm wire. Push the beads up close to the wire wrapping.

4. Add some more wire wrapping to the other side of the beads to stop them moving around. I like seeing the bronze wound guitar string.

What do you think? I hope you like them. Let me know if you make any!

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Hello BeadItandWeep.com


Welcome to my new blog website! What do you think?

I spent a lot of time working on it and I’m really pleased with how it looks.

If you have come over from my old blog then I am really pleased to see you. If you are new to my blog then I hope you like it and will want to come back.

One of the reasons I write blog is to be sociable so it would be great if you want to leave a comment or follow me on any of my social media. You can find links in my side bar. I will always aim to reply!

I have lots of new crafty tutorials and posts planned so come back soon!

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